Havard Referencing For Accounting, Finance,Business, Human Resources Students


In your text just quote the author’s surname and date the book was published. If it is a direct quotation you should use quotation marks, and a page number, eg “ Several firms have passed beyond the international division stage and become truly global organisations” ( Kotler, 2006 p.240 )

In your reference list you would expand on the details, giving the author’s name and initial, year, title of the book, edition ( other than the first ), Place of publication ( optional ) and publisher’s name. Thus :

Kotler, P et al (2006)  Principles of marketing. 4th ed. Harlow : Pearson Education 

Note that the abbreviation et al (and others) can be used if a book or journal has more than three authors.

Sometimes a book may have a corporate author, for example a Key Note Market Report.

A third of all men now use facial skincare products ( Key Note Report, 2006 )

Key Note Market Assessment (2006) Men’s toiletries & fragrances. 4th ed. Hampton : Key Note

Books with an Editor

If you are using a book with an editor you should quote the person who has written the particular chapter or part, and then give the full details in your Reference List.

Eg  (Goonroos,1996) in the text….and in the reference list :

Goonroos, G (1996) The rise and fall of modern marketing in Shaw, A and Hood N Marketing in evolution.  London: Macmillan Press

Secondary Referencing

Secondary referencing is likely to be a major occurrence for Business School students. It occurs where one book or journal is quoting an earlier source. If this is the case you should name both authors in the text, but only list the full details of the one you have read in the reference list.

In the text therefore…

Gladwell (2000) is cited by Andreasen (2006) as claiming that social causes can be renamed epidemics.

If you have  read the book by Andreasen, only the full-details of this are included in your final list.

Andreasen, A. (2006) Social marketing in the 21st century. London : Sage


Within the text of your work the Harvard reference is similar to that for a book, ie simply the author’s name / names and the date of publication.

Sekera & Bagozzi (2007) stress the importance of ethical decision making at work

In your reference list :

Sekera L & Bagozzi, P (2007) Moral courage in the workplace Business ethics : a European Review 16 (2) p.134-149


Newspapers should be treated as journals. An author should be quoted if their details can be traced. It is likely that you may of course find many newspaper articles online

There has been controversy about the fact that many gym memberships tie customers into lengthy contracts ( Beale, 2009)

Beale, N (2009) Not fit for purpose. Guardian, 15th August via Newsbank [online] Available at http://library.beds.ac.uk  (Accessed 21st August 2009)

If no author is given quote the newspaper name in the text and reference list.

Cheap flights have given a major incentive to those undertaking a snowboarding holiday ( Financial Times, 2009)

Financial Times (2009) Snowboarding in Switzerland, 7th Feb p.13

Electronic Journals ( found via databases )

If you access a journal electronically you need to state the name of the database which you used, and how you accessed it. For example you may have done this through the University of Bedfordshire library catalogue. With any electronic reference you are also required to include the date that you used the material.

Sekera L & Bagozzi, P (2007) Moral courage in the workplace Business ethics : a European Review 16 (2) p.134-149 Business Source Premier [Online] Available at : http://library.beds.ac.uk/ ( Accessed: 21st August 2009 )

Electronic Journals and other webpages

When you are citing material found on webpages you must provide enough information so that a reader would be able to locate your source. If an author can be located use their name, otherwise use the name of the website or even the URL.

In January it was reported ( BBC website, 2008a) that house prices were rising at the lowest levels for over a decade. Proof of a recession was further evidenced by poor Christmas sales (BBC website, 2008b)

Note that if you are citing several articles published in the same year use a,b,c etc. These can then be distinguished in your reference list

BBC Website (2008a) House prices ‘slowest since 1996’ Available at http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/business/716306.stm. ( Accessed 8th January 2008 )

BBC Website (2008b)  Festive sales at ‘three year low’ Available at http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/business/715261.stm. ( Accessed 8th January 2008 )

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